Third eye



Third eye


Wibe’s too young,

and it’s gone wrong,

so I wrote this song.

Third eye, third eye, rock along.


Time to kill some heat again,

cool down the vain,

jump off this train.


But first I’ll think about him,

before I undress, only to swim,

after the runaway pride.

Or maybe this time; a horse ride.


First I’ll dream about the mmh mm

and then I’ll count them all hm mm

one, two, three,

and then I see.

Woman got to love them all

Love is big, I am small.


Come on, let’s not make it steal time here,

three eyes should make a safe affear.

Deep into them eyes

trying to act wise.


Third eye, third eye

up to sky.

As my friends wonder why,

I sing; this wibe’s too young,

yeah it must be all wrong.

So let’s make a stupid song.


All eyes forward, rock along.

Too many rimes fucked it up anyway,

so rock with joyride

First, second, third, eye pride.


Forbipolene tekster, 2019




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