Shit. The run.


Now you’re doing it,

running in that good shit!

Like country went to nice rap,

like you feel

on your wheel,


as he


sings “guess who’s back”

She raps: “get down on my track”.

You run

and no you aint got a gun,

says beloved Cobain,

rest in our 90’s pain.

We went from bad shit to happy light

remember that; right?


No you do not

but we do, it was hot.

Hot in heart

creating your very start.


Relaxing to the music that is gone

did you think it is on?

No, that good shit was the only one.


Abcde f u. And your mom and your sister and your friends…

F u is the main words, as the song ends…

Oh, in the small river, is a duck

sweet like fuck.

Is it real?

Can it feel

if you run along now?

And how?

Oh my god,

are you proud?

You know, that nature

and the mature.


You are in 2022’s

running in your own shoes.

Looking at the sky

falling as you laugh of it

in that 22 shit,

and you never ask why.


Does it smell like teen spirit, my dear?

Are you really here?

Or in the screen sky?



Kid, let’s go to the fields and dance,

take it, child, take the chance,

to rap in free air

being right here.


We all fucked up, you see

like the duck hiding behind the three

in the water on the right,

underneath heavens blue light.


Yeah, you’re doing it

walking in that good shit.

And you can beatbox, my child,

with the right to be wild.

You can rap, you can sing and dance

see them colours, take every chance…


…given to you

all the tunnel throught.

Because it all is about that

reason to wear the hat.


But don’t hide, don’t let them take it from you now.

Future and past is illusion anyhow.

But you make me proud

just breathing loud.


Do your shit

do it

my child!

Live your seconds and go wild 🤘