Cobain’s moon


Cobain’s moon


My child, my child, I love you so ♡

My boy, my boy, look at the moon

and we will meet soon.

As you grow up yo be a man,

do all you can

to live the life I gave you.


I made you from my heart,

loved you from before your start.

But I can’t reach you now.

Maybe when I’m old and gone

you can read this written in internet stone.


My boy, my boy,

where will you go?

Tell me how did you sleep last night?

Cobain in heaven said so,

where will you go

when you need me?


My boy, my boy, I Iove you so.

And life aint fair,

but please hold on.

I’m still here,

and allways will be

strong for you.


Look at the moon

every other soon.

I will look too,

or be the dust from stars.

To watch over you.


Mom is strong

so tall everlong.

For you and your brother

I really don’t bother

about heartless minds

and unknowing kinds.


Time goes by, like half a year,

but boy, my boy

I will allways be here ♡



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