Eyebrows made in Norway


Beautiful, semipermanent makeup: eyebrows.


This is perfect tipe of make up for all of you who like completely natural look , for all who dont have or have very little of natural hairs. This is ideally for person who want to change shape and color. It can be done at all skin types and all ages .
Products are best on market; completely clear -Without heavy metal and nickel. They don’t give any allergies reaction, or green and red “after color” at eyebrows.


The treatment takes approximately 2 hours, and refill is coming after 4 weeks. 
The procedure is not painful at all, or it is bearable (deepening of the pain tolerance.)
First, artist will determinate the shape with special tools which mesure the best shape for each face according bones and face structure. Then, you will be asked do you agree and then you have possibility to discuss with your artist about your future look. 

When you are finished with shaping, the procedure can start.
That is the part when with special tools artist is drawing hairs on your eyebrows.
The best part of this is that it’s that fake hairs looks almost identical as natural.
Thin and dense  and in natural color.  


If you are lazy and tired to use make up every morning, this is ideal solution for you.
Go to bed and then wake up with perfect eyebrows every day .

For more info visit website: https://www.neglestudio.com/

And stay updated on fb page and be part of the big competition: https://www.facebook.com/negle.saksvik.9


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